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TEN bears rescued in one month!

Hi everyone,

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Even in the few days since I wrote it,  SIX more bears have been rescued in Vietnam from truly terrible existences.  Please make a donation today to help all the bears receive the care they deserve!

And there’s only 6 pieces left in my puzzle!!!! Woo Hoo!! So don’t miss out!!


Historic Step forward in Traditional Medicine for Vietnam

REMEMBER Tuesday September 22 2015 as a very special and auspicious day indeed! Today Animals Asia signed a pledge with the Vietnamese Traditional Medicine Association to end the use of bear bile in traditional medicine by 2020. This has been achieved through the co-operative endeavours of TMA Vietnam & Animals Asia including the collection of scientific data highlighting the detrimental and often deadly effects of using infected bile plus delivery of educational programmes and literature for medical practitioners, highlighting the successful substitution of herbal alternatives. Their concerted efforts are reflected in the reduction in numbers of practitioners still using bear bile.

PledgeSigning Hanoi

Signing the pledge!

Eight of Jigsaw’s supporters are currently in Vietnam and about visit Jigsaw and his bear buddies!

But to be invited to join in the witnessing of this historic day was an extraordinary privilege!

Sal & Jill Hanoi 2015

Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia with Sally, founder of Adopt A Moon Bear holding our mascot bears, Fuzzi Bum and Minnie J


13 bears rescued as Quang Ninh province declares the bear-bile farm industry closed – Hopefully the remaining bears will follow soon.

In November 2014 Animals Asia stepped up its campaign to rescue 49 bears being kept in appalling conditions on bile farms, in the renowned World Heritage area of Halong Bay in the province of Quang Ninh…

But by March 2015, 30 bears had already died, leaving 19.

But then (also in March), the Quang Ninh provincial government suddenly decreed that all bear-bile farms in the region (including Halong Bay) would be closed and the remaining 38 bears across the province (including the remaining 19 above) would be given into the care of Animals Asia sanctuary. Alas the wheels turn slowly and more bears have died while the authorities sort it out with the not-very-cooperative bear farmers.

SongSotCage3Simon Cage halong Bay2

Already 26 bears out of 27 had died on one farm, thankfully the last remaining bear was amongst the lucky ones to be rescued this past week. His name Song Sot means Last Survivor. We can only hope that he does…
Two bears required a Sea Rescue!

Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson wrote: My heart broke when I saw the awful condition of these two bears. Simon is a bear you can’t help but fall in love with, but his condition is just pitiful. He can barely stand and his teeth were literally falling out of his head. He’s a broken bear …..”

Sam0rSimon Sam&Simon Freedom Ride

A further 10 bears were successfully removed to safety by end of last week in June but 2 bears were not released by their farmers. Reluctantly Animals Asia staff had to leave them behind – hopefully the chance to rescue them will come very soon.

Below is “Possum” showing just how life SHOULD be for a moon bear.
With your support we can make this come true!  Please donate to Jigsaw’s Bear Care Club @ Adoptamoonbear today!

Happy 5th RESCUE birthday Jigsaw!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the “long drought” between blog posts! (If you like my site please send me an email and I will put you on the newsletter mail-out. I seem to get that out much more regularly than my blog!)


I can hardly believe Jigsaw has been at Animals Asia Tam Dao bear sanctuary for FIVE YEARS – that’s HALF his LIFETIME!!! (as much as we can know how old he is…but that makes him roughly 10 years old!) Five years ago, beginning late 2009 and ending in mid-December 2010, supporters like you raised the $14,500 needed to rescue him from his horrific life on a bear-bile farm in southern Vietnam.

It’s been a huge year for Animals Asia: new challenges, lots of achievements and some great milestones to celebrate. From being entrusted with the care of 130 bears from a closed bear-bile farm to helping prevent over $500,000 worth of bear-bile products being sold per year!  Not to mention the building of several new enclosures at Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary where Jigsaw lives! Great news for bears!  Read more about this action-packed year here!

Tam Dao Sanctuary15536643780_09c089b6d4

After we completed the puzzle listed in the previous post I decided to hold off on Jigsaw’s new puzzle until start of 2015. Instead we concentrated on raising money for the 130 bears at the new Nanning sanctuary – where having access to daily food and water was a luxury for these poor tortured animals.


With donations throughout the year and a considerable flourish towards the end of the year we have been able to achieve the above so THANK YOU to those of you who Care for the Bears and support me in this fundraising!

BTW you have a small window of opportunity to make a donation with greater impact: Between now and Dec 31 2014 a generous benefactor of Animals Asia will match your donation so please consider making a donation before the year’s end.


You can keep up with all news bear by following Animals Asia’s Facebook page!  Lots of news, lots of lovely photos!

Merry Christmas everyone and looking forward to welcoming you back on board with Jigsaw in 2015!

Jigsaw’s puzzle complete plus hope dawning for 130 bears at Nanning

Hi everyone, what a busy month or two!  Jigsaw’s 4th puzzle has now been completed!! Yeahh!!!  Our “annual” (well June – June this year) target of $10,000 reached with an overall tally of $45,000 for moon bears since 2010.


Thank you very much to all Jigsaw’s supporters: first-timers and long-termers. Your support IS the difference that allows Animals Asia to continue with their extraordinary work, both in China and Vietnam.  Jigsaw is one lucky bear to have such a large family, including schools around the country, but now there are many more bears who need our support, NOW.

As mentioned in my April post, Animals Asia has taken over the reins at a bear-bile farm in Nanning province where 130 bears have been surrendered into its care.  This is a miraculous and progressive step in animal welfare rights in China with a lot at stake: primarily converting a place of pain & suffering – completely devoid of stimulation – into a place of nourishment and sanctuary for these long-suffering bears.  The scope and depth of the bears’ injuries, illnesses and deformities (as a result of capture, treatment and psychological suffering) are only just beginning to be uncovered. The bears will take a long time to heal.. the financial costs will be great..  Read our latest newsletter here


Row upon row upon row of bears in cages

This undertaking will be the model upon which further farm conversions will be yard-sticked. Importantly we all hope that it will be the catalyst that inspires change throughout the bear-bile farm industry:  if this endeavour succeeds then hopefully others – many others – will follow. We can but  hope that this heralds the beginning of a new era in our efforts to close down the hideous bear-bile farms in Asia…

watch this video of Smudge, the luckiest littlest bear at Nanning

Jigsaw has asked Animals Asia if he can have a BEAR BUDDY in Nanning! And they have said YES!

Jigsaw and I would like to dedicate the rest of 2014 to raising money for his Bear Buddy. So stay tuned and keep going to “Our Jigsaw” page to find out how.

If you would like to know more about the Nanning Bears, Peace by Piece is the name of the campaign to raise money for the bears at Nanning – click the link below


JIGSAW and friends might soon be homeless!!

Instead of bringing you a lovely autumn update on Jigsaw and his friends at Tam Dao NP, I need to share far more serious news with you and ask for your help, bigtime!


Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre faces eviction and relocation following an aggressive campaign against it by the director of Tam Dao National Park, Mr. Do Dinh Tien.

On Friday 5 October, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) informed Animals Asia that the Ministry of Defence has issued an order to evict the sanctuary operation and its 104 rescued bears.

If you want to read the full story and take action straightaway click here and you will go to Animals Asia’s site

Currently 104 bears rescued from the bear bile industry are living at the Rescue Centre. The bears are being rehabilitated after years of trauma from being locked up in small cages and milked for their bile. These bears – including JIGSAW – will be forced to return to cages to be relocated. It is likely to take at least two years to establish a new centre with outdoor enclosures. This will have a major negative impact on their mental and physical well-being.

The eviction notice follows the park director, Mr Tien, lobbying the Ministry of Defence to declare the sanctuary to be an area of “national defence significance”.

The claim that the land in question is an area of national defence significance is questionable, given that the Rescue Centre has been in operation since 2005 and that the Chat Dau Valley, where it is located, has been used for tourism and other private purposes since the park opened in 1996.

The park director has been pressuring Animals Asia to relinquish 6 hectares of land since April 2011. It is believed that he intends to hand the land over to the Truong Giang Tam Dao Joint Stock Company, in which his daughter has a 10% investment. It is believed that once the bear centre is forced to close, the land will be declared to no longer be of national defence significance, allowing the Truong Giang Joint Stock Company to take it over for private development. The company has submitted an application for development of an “eco-tourism park” and hotels.

Somewhat ironic given that moon bears, rescued from bear-bile farms, would appear to be the perfect companions for an enterprise establishing an “eco-tourism” park.

The eviction is in direct violation of the Vietnam government’s 2005 agreement with Animals Asia to fund and develop a facility on 12 hectares of the Tam Dao National Park that would permanently rehabilitate and house 200 endangered bears rescued from the illegal bear bile industry.

The centre was authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2005 and given project approval in a directive from the Prime Minister of Vietnam in 2008.

Based on this agreement, Animals Asia has invested over US$2 million in funding to build the rescue centre through developing the first 6 hectares. This funding was donated by thousands of people from around the world – just like YOU – who gave the money in good faith, hoping to help bears rescued from the bile industry.

It has been a great example of cooperation between an international charity, the Vietnamese government, the Vietnamese people, as well as supporters and donors around the world.

Now the case will go to the Prime Minister for a final decision. Due to the powerful status of the Ministry of Defence in Vietnam, it is feared that the Prime Minister will be forced to agree with the recommendation to close the centre. FURTHERMORE, It is currently unclear whether Animals Asia will be compensated for the relocation and its losses, or would need to find the funds to start construction again at a new location.