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Happy 5th RESCUE birthday Jigsaw!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the “long drought” between blog posts! (If you like my site please send me an email and I will put you on the newsletter mail-out. I seem to get that out much more regularly than my blog!)


I can hardly believe Jigsaw has been at Animals Asia Tam Dao bear sanctuary for FIVE YEARS – that’s HALF his LIFETIME!!! (as much as we can know how old he is…but that makes him roughly 10 years old!) Five years ago, beginning late 2009 and ending in mid-December 2010, supporters like you raised the $14,500 needed to rescue him from his horrific life on a bear-bile farm in southern Vietnam.

It’s been a huge year for Animals Asia: new challenges, lots of achievements and some great milestones to celebrate. From being entrusted with the care of 130 bears from a closed bear-bile farm to helping prevent over $500,000 worth of bear-bile products being sold per year!  Not to mention the building of several new enclosures at Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary where Jigsaw lives! Great news for bears!  Read more about this action-packed year here!

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After we completed the puzzle listed in the previous post I decided to hold off on Jigsaw’s new puzzle until start of 2015. Instead we concentrated on raising money for the 130 bears at the new Nanning sanctuary – where having access to daily food and water was a luxury for these poor tortured animals.


With donations throughout the year and a considerable flourish towards the end of the year we have been able to achieve the above so THANK YOU to those of you who Care for the Bears and support me in this fundraising!

BTW you have a small window of opportunity to make a donation with greater impact: Between now and Dec 31 2014 a generous benefactor of Animals Asia will match your donation so please consider making a donation before the year’s end.


You can keep up with all news bear by following Animals Asia’s Facebook page!  Lots of news, lots of lovely photos!

Merry Christmas everyone and looking forward to welcoming you back on board with Jigsaw in 2015!

Woo Hoo! Adoptamoonbear is 4 years old!

Hi everyone! I can hardly believe that this December marks four years since I started Adoptamoonbear and 3 years since we raised the initial $14,500 to rescue  Jigsaw.  Over these 4 years YOU have helped raise over $40,000 to keep our commitment to care for Jigsaw. Little did I realise how wonderfully supportive so many of you would be. **A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have donated, encouraged and inspired me on this journey!**   Please click here to read our latest newsletter and please, share it on Facebook and forward to your friends!


When Jigsaw first arrived at Tam Dao Bear Rescue Centre, there were only 39 bears.  Four years on there are 107 – a whopping increase –  all rescued from bear-bile trade or cubs rescued from smugglers (probably destined for the same awful fate).  AAF’s Rescue Centre has had to expand considerably to accommodate the bears, which translates to more funds required to build enclosures, vet facilities etc and cover increasing management costs.  This is why it is so important that we keep our commitment to care for Jigsaw, so that AAF can focus on caring for other bears and rescuing more from this abhorrent industry.

Our last post mentioned Dickie Bear Dugmore’s wonderful poem about his life in House 10.  Now there is a most delightful reading of the poem by English actress Rula Lenska, so click here to listen and watch this memorable video.

And check out this photo story of clever bear Wang Cai who decides to be Mr Handy Bear when his swing broke – Priceless!!


With only 30 or so pieces of puzzle to go, can I ask you to consider sending the bears a little extra Christmas cheer with a donation to AAMB – perhaps in lieu of a present for someone who already appreciates the abundance in their life…… And wishing you all a MERRY BEARY CHRISTMAS with your family and friends!  x Sal & Jigsaw


Beyond the Bamboo reporting in!

Hi everyone!  It’s your bear Jigsaw here! I really enjoyed my time in the limelight on Animals Asia’s Facebook page(see my July blog). If you’d like to read my latest newsletter, click here. There’s a great poem by Dickie Bear Dugmore up in Chengdu Rescue Centre. Some of the bears do it tough and DJ Bear can tell you the story…

Sorry there’s been a bit of a gap with my blogging – I was busy signing autographs!! Now I’m enjoying hanging out, just being one of the gang, back at the Rescue Centre, with my mates Gus & Chocolate. (Chocolate got onto FB too!) Here’s a pretty chilled-out pic of yours truly:


My puzzle is going really well – we’re almost halfway there in just over 4 months!! It would be great if I was finished by Christmas! That would be THE COOLEST present. You can donate here.

I want to tell you about someone who is very special to us bears. He visited our Rescue Centre in Vietnam recently:


It mightn’t mean a lot to you, but for us it promises a world of difference to our health checks and recovery times. Romain Pizzi, veterinary surgeon at Edinburgh Zoo and founder of Wildlife Surgery International, visited our Vietnam surgery to teach the staff how to perform keyhole examinations and surgeries. Not only that but he donated much of the equipment needed to continue the work!

For bears rescued from bear bile farms, it’s vital vets are able to monitor internal damage. Using laparoscopy techniques means the difference between us bears undergoing major exploratory operations followed by a month recovering in a small cage (boring! sore!) versus re-joining our friends in the enclosures the following day (Yeah!! Day surgery!! Home in time for tea!!).


That’s all for now everyone!  I’ll be back soon !  Love, Jigsaw

Stop Press! Jigsaw hits the Big Time!

**Hi Everyone, **
**Just the quickest of newsflashes:  In a first, Animals Asia is spending an _entire week_ on their Facebook page inviting us to get to know a bear better, and guess who that  bear is???  _Our very own Jigsaw_!**

Hi Everyone,

Just the quickest of newsflashes:  In a first, Animals Asia is spending an entire week on their Facebook page inviting us to get to know a bear better, and guess who that  bear is??? Our very own Jigsaw!


"Just PRESS the button HERE for BUBBLES and a great MASSAGE!!

If you are on Facebook, make sure you follow Jigsaw’s story as Annemarie – Bear & Vet Team Director at AAF’s sanctuary in Vietnam – shares more of his story, daily life & care plus antics & foibles!  I’m sure it will be an informative and amusing look at his world. And as we know, Jigsaw just hates the limelight, so I’m sure he’s “telling all” in this weeklong exclusive!!

click here to go to AAF Facebook page,

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(Hmmm,  Jigsaw will probably want his own Facebook page after this)


Woo Hoo!! Look at Me! Look at Me!


Tuan and his team at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre spent HOURS watching ME and waiting for some perfect moments and here is one of them!

We chose this one because it is Sooo Cute and Fun!

Just click on the image to visit my puzzle page … and make a donation :)

I can’t wait to see more of me!!!

Woo! Hoo! Our puzzle is finished!

WOO HOO !! WE’VE DONE IT !! Jigsaw has romped over the finish line for his 2012 puzzle,with a bit of extra cash on his rump!

We have taken our total – in just over 3 years – to $33,000 – 80% through this website, with your personal donations.

Thank you to all of you who supported – and continue to support –  Jigsaw’s Bear Care Club!YOU make it FUN to care for our bear! And every $ you donate makes it easier for Animals Asia to care for Jigsaw… and reach out to other bears needing their help…


Don’t Worry! If you missed out donating your piece of THIS puzzle, there will be another one along sooooon!!

And if you live in Melbourne, then come along to my Trash’n'Treasure sale this Sunday, March 3 at Camberwell Rotary TnT market. Lots of pre-loved goodies and…… a peek look at some merchandise!!  The wonderful Anne Leon of Byron Bay has produced some beautiful moon bear artwork for us to use on tea-towels and other goodies. Come along and get yours this Sunday!!

3 bears P-Card