Jigsaw is a most fortunate moon bear. He has a wonderful group of supporters who help me to take care of him every year. It would be wonderful if you would join us!  In eight years we have raised over $90,000,  just through the power of this website, Jigsaw’s newsletters and our fuN-raising market stalls.
Each year I upload a  PUZZLE of Jigsaw the Moon Bear – with every piece available for donation @ $100 each. But if you can’t donate that much, that’s OK! I keep a tally of all donations and, when I have $100 gathered, I turn over another piece. I will let you know which bit of Jigsaw you have contributed!
Jigsaw has a few words to share too: 
Hi everyone – and welcome to any newbies to my Bear Care Club !!!!! I just love to add a new member to my family !  My Bear Care Club aims to make me a Zero Cost Bear for Animals Asia… This is so cool because, if it’s not costing Animals Asia anything to care for me, I feel like I’m “helping” them to rescue more bears from bear-bile farms….
So that makes me a Bear rescuing other Bears!!  I love that! 
I must say my 2018 puzzle is yet again a very handsome pic of me! 
I can SEE us whizzing past the $100,000 mark this year!!  (With your help of course, heh heh)
WHOA!! Look at this!! Only April and I’m almost halfway there, with piece #50 turned over !!! 



The money we raise each year covers Jigsaw’s needs and his share of “expenses” for living at the sanctuary: food, vet care & any operations, enrichment tools and structures which provide the bears with “occupational therapy” as part of their everyday living environment, along with Jigsaw’s share of the wages of the local community people who love and care for the bears. Read about Jigsaw’s Bear Care Club .

With your support, we aim to raise at least $10,000 each year.

By committing to Jigsaw’s annual costs, it means that Animals Asia can put the donations from other supporters towards rescuing more moon bears from their atrocious lives on bear-bile farms.

Jigsaw and I really appreciate your continuing support!